How to Test Voice Mail

By Racheal Ambrose

Some cell phones use a logo on the 1 button to indicate voice mail.
i mail? image by Dave Johnson from

Voice mail works like an answering machine. When someone calls your voice mail, he can leave a message for you to listen to later. Cell phones and home phones use voice mail systems. This allows the users to check it almost anywhere. After setting up the voice mail, consumers need to test it to make sure it functions properly. A malfunctioning voice mail system can result in a loss of messages or other information.

Dial the phone number using the voice mail with another phone. Press the call button on the phone.

Wait until the number being called goes to the voice mail. If it rings more than 10 times, hang up. Answering the phone being called will prevent it from going to voice mail. If the phone doesn't go to voice mail, set it up again.

Listen to the voice mail recording, and then record a short message. Hang up the phone.

Dial the voice mail box with the phone it is assigned to. The method used to call the voice mail depends on the phone. For example, most cell phones instruct consumers to call "1." Enter the password, if necessary.

Listen to the voice mail. Delete after you listen to it.