How to Test TV Ballasts

By Greyson Ferguson

You can check your television's ballast functionality.
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No matter what television you are using there is a rather complex board of circuits and wires connected that help ensure the television functions correctly. One necessary piece of hardware is the TV ballast. The ballast is what illuminates the lamps in your television system, so should your TV not be powering on and producing a light source it means your ballast is damaged. To check the functionality of your ballast you need to access it inside the television.

Connect the TV to a local electrical outlet and power on the set. If the TV's screen does not light up it means the ballast is possibly damaged.

Disconnect the TV form the electrical outlet the remove all other audio/video cables running into the set.

Remove the Phillips screws along the rear end of the TV and slide open the television case. Look for a small, rectangular sensor connected to a cooling vent on the television. This is the ballast. The exact placement of the ballast may vary, so check your user manual for the placement.

Disconnect the lamp connector running into the ballast by removing the two screws holding it in place, then slide out the connector. Slide out the current ballast and insert a replacement ballast. You can obtain these from a local television electronics repair store. Once in place, tighten up the equipment and seal off the TV again. Power on the TV and the picture should load onto the screen. If it does not, you know the problem is not with the ballast. If the image does appear, it is because the original ballast is damaged.