How to Test Time Warner Internet Speed

By Pamela Gardapee

A Time Warner Internet speed test will tell you the speed at which your Internet connection can download and upload files. This information is good to know if you are having issues downloading or uploading files. The test will ping your computer first, then perform the speed test. If you are not reaching the correct speeds as promised by Time Warner, you can use the speed test to verify the results.

Step 1

Select a speed test to use. If you live in Texas, Southern California or on the East Coast, you can use a Time Warner Cable Texas, Time Warner Cable SoCal or Time Warner Cable East speed test, shown in the Resource Section. If you don't live in any of those areas, you can use

Step 2

Press the button that says, "Begin Test" at When you use one of the Time Warner Cable speed tests, the test will begin automatically after the site prepares to measure your speed.

Read the test results from the speed test performed, located at the top of the speed test window. No matter which speed test you use, it will tell you your download and upload speed after the test is performed.