How to Test the Speed on a Wi-Fi Router

By Tyran DeWalt

Test your router speed to ensure that it is performing at its best.
i wlan router 04 image by pmphoto from

Trying to determine your Wi-Fi router speed can be confusing when looking at all the specifications on the router box. Knowing your router speed is important, because you want to ensure that your router is performing at its optimal level. Factors such as your Internet service provider, router model and location affect the performance of your router. Finding out your router speed requires a few simple procedures.

Think Broadband

Visit the Think Broadband website (see Resources).

Scroll down to the "Test Information" section of the page and click "Start" to begin your router speed test.

Allow up to two to three minutes for the testing process to finish.

Enter your Internet service provider information when the "Select Your ISP" page appears.

View your Wi-Fi router speed information.

My Speed Test Online

Visit the My Speed Test Online website (see Resources). Click the "Begin Test" button to start the router speed test.

Wait for the test to measure your router download and upload speed.

Click "Speed Test Extended Results" to view the complete router results.

Test Internet Speed

Go to the Test Internet Speed website (see Resources).

Click the "Begin Test" button.

Wait for the test results to display your router upload and download speed.