How to Test the Speed of an Eastlink Connection

By Eoghan McCloskey

Testing your Internet speed is simple and painless.
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Testing your Internet speed is a good way to monitor the status of your home connection and to quickly diagnose any possible speed issues you may be having. General know-how and troubleshooting steps can be applied to any connection type from any Internet service provider (ISP).

Step 1

Visit a speed test site. Open an Internet browser and type in the address of one of the speed test sites listed in the Resources section of this article. Pressing the "Enter" key will bring you to that page.

Step 2

Select a server. Before your speed test begins, you will be required to select a server to ping, usually expressed as a list of cities. Simply pick your city or the closest city to you and your test should begin automatically.

Step 3

Run speed tests. It is always a good idea to run at least three speed tests to cover any minor variations that may happen in between tests. Take the average upload and download rates and take the average; this is the best approximation of your connection speed.