How to Test the Speed of Cox Cable

by Herman Cruz

With Cox, you have the option to choose from three levels of Internet service. Its "Value High-Speed Internet," which is the least expensive and slowest service; the "Preferred High-Speed Internet" service; and the "Premier High-Speed Internet," the fastest Internet service it provides. If you want to make sure that your Internet connection is delivering the speed it should, test your Cox cable Internet service by using a website that performs an Internet speed test.

Visit the McAfee website and use its free Internet-connection speedometer to test the speed of your Cox Internet service (See Resources). With the McAfee speedometer, you can find out how fast or slow your Internet is performing at work or home. To run a test with McAfee, click the tab that says "Click Here to Test Now" at the bottom of the page and wait for your Internet connection speed results to be displayed on the screen with a breakdown of what they mean.

Go to the Bandwidth Place site and perform an Internet speed test to discover the speed your Cox cable Internet service (See Resources). Bandwidth Place is a free-to-use site. This website offers information on its page that will help you understand what its Internet speed result numbers mean. You can run a speed test on your Cox service by clicking the "Start Test" button located next to the speedometer. The results will inform you what your download and upload speeds are as well as your transferring rate.

Navigate to the Speed Test website and test how fast your Cox service is performing (See Resources). Speed Test is a cost-free service that helps you test the speed of your Cox service so you can make sure that you are getting your money's worth. When visiting the Speed Test website, your physical location, IP address and your ISP (Internet-service provider) are displayed, plus you will have the ability to rate Cox cable Internet, if you wish. To run a Speed Test with this site, click the "Begin Test" tab displayed on the upper region of the page and your Cox cable speed results will be displayed. These result will provide information pertaining to your downloading and uploading speed.

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