How to Test the Speed Between Two Computers

By Erick Kristian

Most LAN connections should transfer at least one MB per second.
i Jeffrey Hamilton/Lifesize/Getty Images

Testing the speed between two computers on a local network can be done by copying a large file from one computer to the second. The speed will vary depending on the performance of the computer's and medium used to transmit data. For example, an Ethernet cable may be faster than a wireless transfer.

Turn on both computers and make sure they are connected to the network. The computers will need to be connected to the network via Ethernet cables or a wireless connection.

Use one computer to locate the other computer on the network. This can be done by clicking "Start Menu," then "Network." The second computer will appear in the Network window.

Double click the second computer to gain access to its hard drive.

Select a large file from the first computer's hard drive. A file over 100 MB should be sufficient. Copy that file by right clicking on it and selecting "Copy."

Navigate back to the second computer's networked hard drive. Locate a directory to copy the file to. Right click in that directory and click "Paste." The file will begin transferring between computers.

Monitor the "Copy" status window. It will indicate how fast the file is being transferred, after a couple seconds the file's speed should stabilize. This will indicate the speed between the two computers.