How to Test Shockwave & Flash

By Fred Larrey

When surfing the web, empower your browser with Flash and Shockwave.
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Shockwave and Flash are both platforms originally made by Macromedia, now Adobe products, that deliver animated content to the web. Shockwave is used primarily for game playing, whereas Flash covers games, watching video, ad banners, web navigation and more. In order to use either of these programs, you have to have the Shockwave and Flash players installed. When that's done, you can test the platforms separately by going to Adobe sponsored test sites.

Open your web browser. If you've installed Flash and Shockwave, your browser should automatically display Shockwave and Flash content on the web.

To test Shockwave, open the "Test Shockwave" link in the Resources section below. At the top of the page you should the "Macromedia Shockwave Player" logo come flying in along with some animation, and then a screen on the right of the logo that says "Installation Complete." There will also be "Create," "See," and "About" buttons in the bottom right corner that supply you with more information about Shockwave when moused-over.

To test Flash, open the "Test Flash" link in the Resources section below. You should see a fancy animation, including animated movie trailers, and then "Adobe Flash Successfully Installed" on the screen.