How to Test the NTLM Authentication

By Jim Campbell

The Microsoft Windows NTLM authentication is a type of setting for a Windows domain that verifies a username and password. When you log in to your Windows computer, the operating system sends the username and password to the domain controller. The domain controller verifies the credentials and either accepts or denies the request. You test the NTLM authentication to a server by mapping a drive to that server. Mapping a drive is a way to ensure that you have permissions to the server and network resources.

Click the Windows "Start" button on the computer that has a connection to the network. Click "Computer" to open Windows Explorer. Your hard drives and any other mapped drives are shown in this window.

Click the button at the top of the window labeled "Map Network Drive." A wizard window opens that contains the options and configuration settings for a mapped drive.

Click the "Browse" button. Double-click the server's name, then double-click one of the shared folders. The path to the server's folder is shown in the "Folder" text box.

Click "Finish" to map the drive. The configuration window closes and the new mapped drive letter is shown in Windows Explorer. Double-click the drive letter to open the resource. If you are able to map the drive and view folder content, the NTLM authentication is working for the server.