How to Test a Motorola Cable Modem

by Jeremiah Blanchard

Surfing the Internet on a slow dial-up connection takes a great amount of time and can be very frustrating. Accessing the Internet via a cable modem produces a high-speed connection and enables you to access and surf the net much faster than with other connection options. You must have a cable connection and a cable modem to access the Internet this way. The Motorola cable modem is a popular brand of modem used in many homes and offices and is easy to install. Testing your cable modem for connectivity can be done once the modem is hooked up properly.


Connect the coaxial cable to the wall at its respective outlet. Connect the coaxial cable to the back of the Motorola cable modem. Ensure that the connection is tight and secure.


Connect the Ethernet cable to the back of the Motorola cable modem in its respective port on the top. Turn your computer on, then connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to your computer's Ethernet port.


Connect the power cord to the back of the Motorola cable modem. Connect the other end of the power cord to a power source such as a wall receptacle.


Press the "power" button on top of the cable modem. You will now have to wait a couple of minutes for the modem to access the connection. During this time a sequence of lights will blink indicating that the modem is going through its connection phase.


Access your computer's Internet browser and test to see if the modem is operating properly. You should have access to the Internet when the modem is working.


  • check You must have a working Internet connection through your cable service provider for the modem to operate properly.