How to Test Your Mic Online

By Hollan Johnson

While many modern computers--PCs and Macs alike--have built-in microphones, many older computers do not. Therefore, if you want to record your voice or talk to people online with your computer, you will have to purchase an external microphone. External microphones for computers come in a few different varieties. Most computer microphones connect to the computer either by USB, Bluetooth or through the "Audio In" line on the computer. If you want to test your microphone online, several websites will allow you to do so.

Step 1

Plug your microphone into your computer if it is an external microphone and turn it on. Go to the Start menu and select the "Control Panel." Choose what type of microphone you are using--headset or a desktop. Adjust your microphone accordingly and click “Finish” when you are done.

Step 2

Go to the Online Tutoring System's microphone test page in Resources. Click "Allow" in the flash window and speak into your microphone. If the bubbles move, your microphone works. If the bubbles do not move, adjust the setting in the Control Panel or turn your microphone off and back on again.

Step 3

Go to Midomi's microphone test page in the Resources. Click “Allow” in the flash window on the website. Select your type of microphone from the "Pick your Microphone" menu and press the "Record 5 second sample" button to record your voice. Speak into the microphone for five seconds and listen to the sample. If you can hear your voice, the mic is working. If not, adjust your microphone's settings in the Control Panel.

Step 4

Go to the Johns Hopkins University microphone test page using the link in Resources. The Johns Hopkins University microphone test works for USB microphones only. Click "Allow." Speak into the microphone for a few seconds. The test will let you know if your mic is the right level or not. If not, go to the "Sounds and Audio Devices" in the Control Panel to change it.