How to Test an ISO Image

by Andrew Meer

ISO, also known as International Organization for Standardization, is a type of archival file format used to duplicate the data on a CD or DVD. ISO images are highly compatible with most disc-burning applications. However, you will not know whether the data on the ISO file is complete unless you burn the ISO image to a CD or DVD. To prevent any errors from happening, you can test the ISO image first by using an application called Daemon Tools Lite.

Download and install Daemon Tools Lite (see Resource section).

Right click the "Daemon Tools" icon on the right-side of the Windows taskbar.

Point to "Virtual Devices," click "Device" and then click "Mount Image."

Use the navigation pane to select the ISO image that you want to test. Click "Open," and Daemon Tools Lite will mount the ISO image onto a virtual optical drive. If the ISO file is working, you will see an AuroPlay menu within seconds after mounting the ISO image. Check the data inside the ISO file by clicking on the option labeled "Open folder to view files."

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