How to Test Internet Speed Using

by Derek Odom

Have you ever wondered exactly what your upload and download Internet speed is? Sometimes, what your internet provider company tells you and what is actually experienced seems like two different things. is an Internet site that tests both the upload and download speeds of your connection and displays the results on your screen within seconds.

Go to in your Internet browser. You should see a black screen with a grey map outline and what appears to be a gauge cluster for a car. Choose which triangle in the map best fits your location, or use the yellow location they choose for you.

Wait while calculates your upload and download speeds. After you choose a location, this will happen automatically. The gauges moves to mark the progress with white arrows.

Observe the results when the new page comes up. From here you can choose to see your personal results page, a summary of your connection speeds or global stats from the brown tabs on the top of the screen.


  • check If you are actively downloading or uploading at the time of the speed test, your results will be slower.

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