How to Test Google Voice & SMS

By Marie Cartwright

Google Voice allows you to make phone calls and text messages from your computer.
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Google Voice gives users the ability to make and receive phone calls through their Google account. Though some users may pay for phone calls as needed, signing up for a full Google Voice account allows access to additional features, including SMS (text messaging). If you want to test out Google Voice's SMS capabilities, the best way to do it is to send yourself a text message. Though SMS messaging is included in a Google Voice subscription, your cellphone provider may charge you for the incoming text message. This will depend upon the details of your cellular contract.

Log-in to your Google Voice account. Click the "Text" button in the top-left corner of the main Google Voice menu. This will open a series of text fields for you to fill out.

Type in your cell phone number. Type your SMS message into the main text field.

Click "Send." Have your phone nearby so that you can test how quickly the message arrives. Once the text message arrives, you will have verified that the Google Voice SMS service is working properly.