How to test and detect fake USB flash drive

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If you shop for flash drives on sites through secondary vendors on sites like eBay and Amazon.com, you may end up with a fake drive whose universal serial bus memory is far below the capacity advertised. Insert the drive into a USB port in your computer, and everything will likely look legit. But try to add files to the drive, and you may encounter problems because it doesn't have the advertised capacity. It is important for you to test your drive upon receive it.

Step 1

Insert your flash drive into your computer's USB port.

Step 2

Check the flash drive's size. Double-click the icon for your computer on your desktop to display the drive location. Right-click the drive letter for the flash drive, and then click the "Properties" option. Make sure the size of the drive is the size you expected.

Step 3

Download a test program to make sure the drive size is actually the size listed or the size you bought. Use a program such as USB Flash Tools, H2testw, the BurnIn Test to ensure the drive is not a fake size. Extract your chosen program from its zip file, if necessary, and install it on your computer.

Test your flash drive according to the instructions given with the testing program you chose. Flash drives usually hold several gigabytes, so it can take time to determine how much space is available on a drive, sometimes up to half an hour. After the test is completed, your results will indicate your actual flash drive capacity if it is lower than anticipated. A good drive will run a clean test.

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