How to Test Cordless Phone Batteries

By Chanel Adams

Use a battery tester to charge your cordless phone's batteries.
i battery tester on white image by JoLin from

Cordless phones typically need a battery or two for them to work. Somewhere in your house, you many have a collection of batteries. The batteries may be new, old or used. However, you may not know exactly how old they are or if they are still good to use. Find out the batteries' life with a battery tester. A battery tester allows you to read the results of a good or bad battery before you decide to use it.

Purchase a battery tester. You will find them at hardware stores and electronic retailers. Ensure that the battery tester is compatible with your battery (AAA, AA, 9v, C or D).

Insert the batteries into the tester. The probes should be on easier side of the battery. The battery should match to the positive and negative markings.

Read the results of the battery tester. A good battery will have a full charge. A bad or dead battery will have less than 10 percent of a charge.

Place the dead batteries (if necessary) in a plastic sandwich bag. Take the battery to an electronics or home improvements store for recycling.