How to Test Autofill

By Michael Roennevig

AutoFill features populate search boxes and online forms automatically.
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AutoFill, or AutoComplete, is a handy feature that comes preloaded with most web browsers. It allows users to save data entered into commonly-visited websites and address and payment forms. Once you've typed copy into a search box or field and pressed "Enter," your web browser will remember the entry you've made so it can enter it automatically on your next visit to the site or when you're asked for personal information like your name, phone number or email address.

Type information into an online form or search box and press enter.

Close and relaunch your browser and navigate back to the page you just left.

Type the first few letters of the entry you made into the same box or field. A list of options will appear in a drop-down box, including the text you typed. Scroll to and select the entry you made to AutoFill the field.