How to Tell When a Verizon Contract Is Up

By Michael Monet

When your contract is up, you might be eligible for a free new phone.
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Cell phone service providers have customers sign a contract when they buy a particular plan. All contracts are different based on the phone purchased, the plan purchased and the desires of the buyer. Your service details are located in a number of places, including your original paperwork. This information is also accessible at a Verizon store. However, if you don't have your paperwork or the time to drive to a physical store, there are still a few ways to find out when your contract is up.

Step 1

Find your original contract with Verizon. This piece of paper has the start date of your service, as well as the conditions of your contract. It tells you whether you chose a one-year, two-year or other plan.

Step 2

Log on to your MyVerizon account at the Verizon Wireless website. If you don't have an online account, set one up on the same Web page. Click on the NE2 counter when you log in. The date your contract ends as well as the date when you can upgrade to a new phone are listed there.

Step 3

Check your last phone bill. Whether you get paper phone bills or they come through email, your contract end date will be at the end of the statement.

Step 4

Dial *611 from your cell phone, which will take you to Verizon customer service. Ask when your contract is up, or when you're eligible for an upgrade, depending on what you want. These dates are different.

Step 5

Visit a Verizon Wireless store, or another electronics store such as Best Buy, Frye's or Circuit City. Employees at each of these places can look up your contract details with your phone present.