How to Tell if a Sony Wega Lamp Needs Replacing

By Charlotte Mission

Changing the lamp in your TV may be an option.
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The lifespan of a Sony Wega LCD TV lamp depends on how long the TV is left on each day and the brightness and color settings you use. However, all bulbs will eventually wear out; when the time draws near, the TV will provide numerous signals that you need to replace the lamp.This is a common and simple bit of maintenance, but ignoring the signs for too long can cause damage to your TV.

Warning Lights

The indicator light labeled "Lamp" on the front of the TV will turn red and start flashing. This is one of the first indications that you need to replace the bulb in your Sony Wega TV.


Other early symptoms of a dying lamp are a dim picture and muted colors. Although these signs may be more difficult to notice if you don't watch the TV very often, look for a lack of contrast between colors and a darker, muddy image.

Slow Startup

When the bulb is going bad, it may take longer than usual for the picture to appear when you turn on the TV. You may also hear a clicking or buzzing sound in the television as the lamp attempts to turn on. As the bulb deteriorates, you may have sound but lose the picture completely.

Intermittent Shutoff

When the lamp starts to fail, the TV may turn itself off and attempt to restart. As the bulb gets worse, this may happen more frequently and occur many times in a row before the TV finally turns back on.

Broken Bulb

If a lamp is used for too long, it can break, causing a loud popping sound when you turn on the TV. This is the final sign that you need to replace the lamp. In some cases, the lamp will explode and damage other components of the TV, so you should change the bulb before it gets to this point.