How to Tell If Someone Is Deleting Internet History?

by Minot Pettinato
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Whether you are checking up on a mate, protectively monitoring your child's Internet usage or just plain nosy, checking into your computer's history is the best way to monitor the websites being accessed in your home. If you open the history tab, but nothing is coming up when you click to see the recent usage, you may start to wonder if someone is deleting the browser history.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Internet Explorer. Click the icon nearest to the Start button, or by double clicking the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop or in your programs menu to open the browser. Click the "Favorites" tab in the top left of the browser. Click the tab history. You will see a drop down menu with the lists "this week" or "today" on it. Clicking either of these options will show you the history of every web-page, online web video and otherwise that has been accessed by the computer in whichever time-frame you chose. You will be able to view the history from the date visited, website, most visited website and order of websites visited in that day.

Step 2

Open your Google Chrome browser and click the square wrench logo located in the top right of the browser, to the right of the address bar. Click the history tab. A page will open with a list of websites visited with both the date and time available.

Step 3

Open Mozilla Firefox. Once opened the history will be visible in the top menu under the "history" tab.

Step 4

Click the compass icon to open Safari on Mac. To the top left of the screen click the button that looks like an open book. This is the History button. If the history page does not show up right away, click the history button located in the left menu.

Check for websites. If there are no websites listed in any of the above history menus somebody has deleted the history.


  • Having no websites listed in the history menu does not necessarily mean someone has been deleting them purposely to deceive. This could be a mere cleanup of the computer's history to maintain computer space. You could have your browser enabled to delete Internet history after each day or each time the browser is shut down. This option can be found in the History or Settings tab. This is also called the Click&Clean in Google Chrome. Check your browser's settings first before breaking into assumptions.


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