How to Tell if a Person Blocks Me on Facebook

By Lee Tea

Find out if someone blocked you in a few simple steps.
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Relationships with Facebook friends can be perplexing, especially when a friend suddenly disappears from Facebook without a trace. If you are curious as to whether your friend has blocked you, take some simple steps to determine if you have been blocked by your Facebook friend.

Ask a Friend

The easiest way to tell whether a Facebook friend blocked you is to ask a current mutual Facebook friend to view the potential blocker's Facebook page. As long as the mutual friend hasn't also been blocked by the potential blocker, your mutual friend should be able to verify that the potential blocker's account is still active. If your mutual friend has no problems viewing the potential blocker's account, it is highly likely that you have been blocked from viewing that account. If your mutual friend cannot find the potential blocker's account either, it is possible that the blocker has closed his Facebook account.

Look for Clues

Certain clues may indicate that a former friend has blocked you on Facebook. Check for posts from the potential blocker made before you suspect he blocked you. These can include chat messages, private messages, responses to your own Facebook posts or things he may have posted to your Timeline. If the posts are missing altogether, it is likely he blocked you. In addition, if his name and comments still appear on the Timelines of mutual friends but his profile picture is no longer viewable and you can no longer click on his name to navigate to his personal Facebook page, it is also likely that he has blocked you.

Ask the Person

When all else fails, you can ask the person directly. You will not be able to do this via Facebook if you've been blocked because you will be unable to send a message. However, if you have a phone number or email address, you could call or send an email and politely ask for clarification. If no response if forthcoming, don't continue to call or send multiple emails.

Sign Up for an App

While apps won't help if you are suspicious that someone has already blocked you or unfriended you, they can help you prevent this issue in the future. Apps such as "Unfriend Finder," "Unfriend Spy," "Unfriend Alerts" and "Who Unfriended Me?" scan through your current friends list and let you know who unfriended you or blocked you if the problem should arise in the future. These apps only work if you have them installed at the time you are unfriended. An app cannot tell who unfriended you or blocked you before you activate the app.


Sometimes Facebook performs account maintenance that temporarily makes certain profiles appear unavailable for short periods. It is possible that your friend hasn't blocked you, but rather that his account has been temporarily disabled for maintenance. If this is the case, the account will likely be restored after the maintenance is complete.