How to Tell if a Number is from a Landline

By Emily Manthei

Tell if a Number is from a Landline
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Even though most phones now come with caller ID, one thing you do not know immediately is whether or not the number calling you is a landline or a cell number. In some cases, you can see the difference easily. If you know the first three numbers of local landlines, it is easy to see if the number calling you matches. In some countries, cell phone numbers all start with the same two or three numbers, while landlines have different local area codes. However, the only way to really know, with certainty, if a call is coming from landline or a cell number is to look up the origin of the specific number.

Conduct a reverse phone search online at a website that provides this service. Not all of these sites can differentiate between numbers from a landline or a cell phone. Two that can are and

Enter the phone number in question. Look carefully to determine how to enter the number. Some websites will require dashes between sections of numbers, while others want you to enter the number with no spaces.

Click on the "Search" button to see the results.

Scroll down the page or find the area that confirms whether the number is a cell number or a landline. The information provided will tell you the phone company and location where the line is registered, which confirms the type of number it is.