How to Tell If a Number Is From a Cell Phone

By Khalidah Tunkara

Internet technology has made the quest for cell phone information as easy as logging on to a website, and clicking a few buttons. Here are a few tips to show you how to tell if a number is from a cell phone.

Go online to This is a free website that offers a way to search telephone numbers.

Enter your desired telephone number within the search box. The telephone number must be entered with dashes such as 123-456-7890. Failing to enter the number in the search box correctly may not produce a valid search listing.

Click the search button. The search will perform immediately and may take a few moments, depending on your Internet connection.

Wait for the search to complete. This should not last for more than 20 seconds to one minute. If the search lasts longer, refresh your browser.

Review the results displayed. The information will display the searched phone number, the date that the report was completed, the type of phone line that the number is registered as, the name of the phone company, the area where the phone line is registered and other sponsored results.