How to Tell How Many Songs Are on an iPod

by Dustin Thornton
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The Apple iPod is a portable media player capable of playing games, videos and music. There are several models and sizes of iPods and each iPod holds a different amount of data, based on the size of the drive within the device. If you want to quickly know how many songs are on your iPod, you can quickly find out by accessing the "About" information on the iPod itself. This is slightly different for the iPod touch and iPod classic.

iPod Touch and iPhone

Step 1

Tap "Settings" on the main screen of your Apple iPod touch or iPhone.

Step 2

Scroll down and tap "General."

Tap "About" then locate the "Songs" section to view how many songs are on the iPod touch or iPhone. From this menu you can also view the number of videos, photos and applications on the iPod or iPhone.

iPod Classic and iPod Nano

Step 1

Tap "Menu" at the top of the scroll wheel until you arrive at the main menu of your iPod.

Step 2

Roll your finger around the scroll wheel and select "Settings." Press the center button on the scroll wheel to select it.

Scroll down to "About" using the scroll wheel and press the center button. Locate the "Songs" section and view the number of songs on your iPod.


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