How to Tell If a Kindle Book Allows Voice to Text

by Melissa King
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Your Kindle has an easy-to-read screen that mimics the look of pages in a book. If you don't want to read e-books and other content yourself, the Kindle also has an accessibility feature called Text-to-Speech. With the feature activated, the Kindle will read books, newspapers and magazines to you in a male or female voice. Text-to-Speech is useful if you need a hands-free way to use the Kindle when you're driving or working. Not all Kindle books support Text-to-Speech, though. You can find out whether a book supports this feature by looking at its information page in the Kindle Store.

On Your Kindle

Step 1

Power on the Kindle and turn Whispernet on if it isn't already activated. Highlight "Turn Wireless On," then press in on the five-way controller.

Step 2

Press "Menu," then highlight and select "Shop in Kindle Store."

Step 3

Type your search term, such as the name of a book or an author, in the search bar at the bottom of the screen. Select "Search Store." If you don't have a search term, select a category to view all content in that category.

Highlight and select a book to see its product detail page. Look for "Text-to-Speech: Enabled" in the features list. If you don't see this, the item doesn't support the feature.

On Your Computer

Step 1

Navigate to the Kindle Store on the website (see Resources).

Step 2

Enter a search term in the search bar, then click "Go." Alternatively, select a category from the Browse section.

Click on an item to see its product detail page. Scroll down to Product Details and look for "Text-to-Speech: Enabled." If the feature says "Not Enabled," Text-to-Speech for this item will not work on your Kindle.


  • The Kindle Fire 1st Generation does not support Text-to-Speech.


  • To enable Text-to-Speech on your Kindle Fire, touch the middle of the screen, then touch "Settings."
  • On the Kindle Touch, touch the top of the screen, then tap "Menu." Tap "Turn on Text-to-Speech."
  • For the Kindle DX, Kindle Keyboard or Kindle 2nd Generation, press the "Text (Aa)" key while reading an item. Highlight "Text-to-Speech" and press "Text" again.


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