How to Tell a Fake TechnoMarine Watch

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The counterfeit watch business is a profitable one. According to the Foundation de la Haute Horlogerie, a Swiss watch trade association, more than 40 million fake watches are sold every year. TechnoMarine watches are among the fine Swiss brands that are susceptible to being counterfeited. But you can tell a real TechnoMarine from a fake if you pay close attention to certain signs.

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Do not buy a TechnoMarine from someone who approaches you on the street, either alone or at a concession stand. Only authorized dealers can sell TechnoMarines. Typically, such dealers are specialized stores and high-end retailers.

Step 2

Be suspicious of low prices. A TechnoMarine, from an authorized dealer, can range from $300 to about $3,000. A substantially lower price should raise questions about authenticity.

Step 3

Validate that the sales receipt in a transaction involving a trusted third party came from an authorized retailer by checking the store locator feature on the TechnoMarine website.

Step 4

Check for a warranty card, which covers all TechnoMarine material and manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase. A warranty is validated when the retailer completes the card with serial number, retailer name, date of purchase and reference number.

Get a certificate of authenticity from an authorized retailer. These documents are used to insure expensive jewelry including watches, and to attest to authenticity and value.


  • Find an authorized dealer by going to the TechnoMarine website. Select "Find Your Store" in the top-right corner of the website. Enter your address, city, state or country to find the nearest dealer.


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