How to Tell If You Have a DVD Burner on a Dell

by C. Taylor

You probably know if you have a DVD or CD drive, but you may not know if it has the capability to burn DVDs. The Dell Support website maintains a database of your system configuration, which can be referenced with your "Service Tag." This system configuration list will give you details pertaining to your drive.


Look for the "Service Tag" number on your Dell computer. This will be printed on a sticker located under the front panel of your desktop tower, on the side of the tower, or beneath a laptop.


Visit the Dell Support website, click "Home Users" and then click "System Configuration" on the left column.


Enter your "Service Tag" number and click "Continue."


Look through the list of hardware for "DVD," "DVD-RW," "Digital Video Disk" or "CD" to locate your drive.

If you see "DVD-RW," "DVD Rewritable," "DVD Burner" or something similar, then you do have burning capability.


Find the drive's part number, which is listed to the left of the list description. Enter it in the top-right search field and press "Enter" to visit its detail page. This will give you further information on the drive. Again, look for "DVD-RW," "DVD Rewritable," "DVD Burner" or something similar in the product description. If you see any of those terms, then you do have burning capabilities.


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