How to Tell If You Deleted Someone by Accident on Facebook

By Anthony Bonesarelli

Facebook allows users to connect with friends, co-workers, family and other acquaintances. These Facebook friends can be sorted and arranged into groups that are only visible to the user who created them. Friends can be deleted from these groups at any time, but it's possible to accidentally delete someone as a friend if you are in the wrong menu. Additionally, if you stop seeing posts from a friend in your news feed, you may think you have deleted the person (when you may have merely hidden their posts). You can check your profile to see if someone is still your Facebook friend.

Log in to your Facebook account.

Enter the person's name into the search field at the top of the page. A list of related names will drop down from the bar. If your friend's name appears and does not list a number of "mutual friends" in grey text, it's likely that you are still friends.

Click the person's name. If a field appears in the upper right corner of the profile that displays a preview of your connection with that person, then you have not accidentally deleted the person as a friend. If their profile appears limited or you do not see the "Friendship" box in the right corner, you will need to send them another friend request (and possibly a message explaining why you deleted them).