How to Tell the Age of a Bose AWR1-1W System

By Stephen Lilley

For as long as a product like the Bose AWR1-1W speaker system is "in production," new copies of that model are rolling off of the assembly line at a factory. Just because you have two Bose AWR1-1W systems side-by-side doesn't necessarily mean they were produced in the same year. If you want to tell the age of a Bose speaker system, you can find this information in a few places.

Look at the box in which your Bose AWR1-1W came. On the box will be a copyright date in the fine print, typically located either on the bottom of the box or toward the bottom on one of the sides of the box. The most recent year in the copyright information (sometimes, for example, this information will say "Copyright 1990-2010," with 2010 being the most recent year) will be the year in which your Bose AWR1-1W was manufactured.

Look in the User's Manual that came with your Bose AWR1-1W to the first few pages, which contain disclaimer information and copyright information about your product. Just as it was listed on the box, a copyright year will be printed on this page in the manual. As it was with the information on the outside of the box, the most recent year listed in the copyright information will be the year in which your Bose AWR1-1W was made.

Subtract the year you found in "Step 1" and "Step 2" from the current year. So if it is 2011 and your Bose AWR1-1W copyright date was 2005, subtract the two numbers to determine that your Bose AWR1-1W is six years old.