How to Recycle Your Old Analog Television Set

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

The dreaded (for some) broadcasting switch from analog to digital happened in 2009. You took advantage of an opportunity to purchase a beautiful new high-definition television. Your old analog TV is still sitting in your garage collecting dust. Learn how to get rid of your old TV in an eco-friendly way.

Point your web browser to to visit the Telecommunications Industry Association's E-cycling Central. TIA's E-cycling Central website allows you to click on your state to see electronics recycling events and locations where you can drop off your old analog TV.

Visit Enter "TV" in the "Find recycling centers for" field and type your zip code in the "Near" field at the top of the page. Click the "Search" button and a list of organizations and retailers displays.

Contact the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Visit the EPA's e-cycling page at Here, you can view a comprehensive list of programs, retailers and manufacturers that offer recycling services not just for TVs but also for a range of other electronics.

Contact your state's environmental agency or your county's waste management division. These sources are also able to guide you in the direction of a qualified recycling center for your old analog television. Many counties host annual hazardous waste collection days, so keep an eye on your county's calendar to see when that event is being held. Check with the sponsoring office to ensure the county is accepting analog TVs on that day for recycling.


Why recycle my old TV? The very worst thing you can do with your old analog television is toss it in the dumpster. Older TVs have heavy lead shielding around the CRT to protect you from radiation when you're watching TV.

When that TV goes to the landfill, the lead (known to cause nervous system damage) leaches out into the environment. For this reason, many states and municipalities have banned the dumping of televisions into landfills. This is where recycling comes into play. Call the retailer or organization first before hauling your old analog TV over to them.


For the sake of the environment and public health, don't toss your old analog TV into the trash. Recycle it instead.