How to Find Telephone Numbers in the United Kingdom

By Andrew Todd

The Internet has made locating an individual or business telephone number quick and easy.
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Modern technology has made it possible to find information about virtually anyone or any business quick and easy. If you are searching for an individual or business telephone number in the United Kingdom, there are several free methods that can be used to locate the number. If the free methods fail, due to the individual removing their listing from the telephone directory, many websites exist that offer locating services for a fee.

Perform a search in your favorite search engine for any business whose telephone number you would like to locate. Most web browsers are able to detect your location, and will display local entries, along with telephone numbers first. Additionally, searching will often return the business’ website, which will almost always contain their telephone number.

Search online telephone directories specific to the United Kingdom to locate individuals and businesses. Typically, all that you need to search for an individual is their first and last name. Directories such as The Phone Book from BT and Whitepages UK allow users to search for individuals and businesses by name at no charge.

Refer to a traditional phone book. Several companies deliver physical phone books directly to your doorstep. These books contain both white pages for private listings and yellow pages for business listings. Both individuals and businesses are listed in alphabetical order; however, individuals are listed by last name and businesses are listed by the first word of the business name.

Search for an individual using a paid “people finder” service only after all other methods have failed. There are a variety of websites offering this service in the UK, including UK People Finder and 123 People. These sites charge fees varying on the data returned in the search results. Be sure to shop around for the best price.