How to Find Telephone Numbers, Addresses and Names

by Meaghan Ellis

Telephone numbers, addresses, and names, are the most common records that can be found online without paying a large fee. You can obtain accurate information with just a little web browsing, and direction to the right sites. Some records will be easy to find, while others may take lots of time and more in-depth research.

Step 1

Go to the Official White Pages directory of telephone numbers (see Resources).

Step 2

Find a person's phone number and/or address by entering a name. Type the name of the person you are trying to find in the data forms available for first and last name entry. Click "Find" to view the phone numbers and addresses that will be generated for the name you entered.

Step 3

Search for information by looking up each aspect of the name or address individually. The reverse lookup option gives you more ways to find who you are looking for. You can look a person up by address and phone number, rather than simply searching by name, as names may create multiple results, making it difficult to decipher one person from another. Click on the Reverse Lookup tab at the top of the White Pages screen.

Step 4

You can also locate people by phone number. Type the phone number with area code, into the Reverse Phone Number data form to find the name and address of the individual with the phone number you entered. (See Warnings section for possible restrictions.)

Provide an address to locate names and phone numbers. In the Reverse Lookup screen, if possible, type an address to find the names and phone number of the person or business located at that location.


  • Be aware of scam sites that promise search results that will display this information for a fee. Some sites may ask you to pay for this type of information. Phone numbers, addresses, and names are free information that does not require a detailed background report. Be advised that some telephone numbers and addresses are completely private. As a result, they cannot be retrieved online or in a phone book. Cell phone numbers are usually not accessible online and finding them may not be feasible. Among other phone search results, restrictions will apply if the phone number is not registered under the person you are looking for. In most cases, the phone service is registered to the head of the household. This is the only name that will appear when the phone number is used in the Reverse Lookup. As a result, whoever else lives in the house, with that particular person, will not be listed when the reverse phone number lookup results are generated.


  • Keep in mind when you're looking to find information like this that you have to bring something to the table in order to get something. Some type of foundation has to be established to put the information together. You must have a name, telephone number, or address before looking for additional information about a person. If you don't have at least one piece of information, you have absolutely no starting point or something to build on.
  • Stick to the most reputable search sites. Besides Whitepages,, is another good one.


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