How to Teach Graphic Design to Kids

By Carl Hose

Careers in graphics design are abundant and present career opportunities now and for the future. Children who show an early interest in art might be encouraged to put their interest in the arts to use in a career field that will be both financially and creatively rewarding. Learn how you can encourage your kids to pursue their artistic interests and a career in graphics design.

Step 1

Have your child begin tracing exercises. Using tracing paper have her trace images from any of a variety of print material (for example, magazines, newspapers, brochures), then ask her to add something new to the image to make it her own.

Step 2

Create challenging design exercises. Ask your child to create a logo for his favorite cereal. Have him make up his own cartoon character, first outlining and drawing it and then filling it in with color.

Step 3

Purchase art supplies for your child--a quality set of lead and color pencils, sketch pads and erasers. Buy a drawing desk for your child and find a special area where she can work. These tools will encourage and help improve your child's interest in art.

Step 4

Buy age-appropriate graphics software for your child to acclimate him to designing on the computer. Have him draw his name as opposed to writing it. Teach him how to draw each letter separately and how to create shadow effects. Ask him to integrate a picture with his name that he feels best describes himself.

Step 5

Download the free version or the extended pay version of ArtRage and have your child take advantage of the realistic paint and drawing tools to create designs (see Resources). This program will teach her how to use a variety of art design tools and help her get a feel for more advanced graphic design techniques such as layering. ArtRage is simple to use and appropriate for younger children.

Step 6

Explore graphic design tutorials on the Internet with your child and walk him through the process (see Resources). This is the best way to increase his knowledge and expand his graphic design skills.