How to Take Tape Residue Off a Plasma TV

by Laurie Rappeport

If you want high-quality TV viewing, you may wish to invest in a plasma screen. With prices for flat-screen plasma TV screens ranging from $160 for a 15-inch screen to over $1,000 for a 50-inch screen, you will want to ensure that if you need to remove any tape stuck to the screen after purchase you remove it in a manner that will not damage the screen.

Spray on a thick mist of LCD cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth. Opti-Max, Shaggy Mac and Guangzhou provide products that clean LCD plasma screens.

Wipe the screen. Ensure that you wring out any excess water from the cloth before you begin to wipe and that no water sprays on the plasma screen.

Repeat the process two more times, each time spraying on a lighter mist of cleaner and then wiping it. You should use a dry cloth to wipe the screen for the last wiping.

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