How to Take the Facebook Site Tour

by Contributor

Facebook is a rapidly growing social networking website which allows people to create personal websites, contact others with similar interests and interact with friends. Before you use Facebook, you can take a site tour to learn more about the website.

Open a web browser and navigate to the Facebook home page. There is no need to log in or register at this point. The site tour can be taken by both Facebook members and people who are not yet members.

Click on "Site Tour." You'll find the link in the top right hand corner of the Facebook home page.

Take a look at the first page. The first page of the tour is called "Getting Started" and gives you an overview of what Facebook is and how the website operates. Notice the menu on the right side of the screen. This is how you'll navigate the rest of the tour.

Choose "Profile" from the menu on the right. Here, you will learn about the personal website you will create, which Facebook calls a profile. There are many ways to edit your profile and make it reflect your interests and personality.

Move down to the "Photos and Notes" section. This section explains how Facebook allows you to add an unlimited amount of photos to your profile and how your photos can be linked to other people's profiles. Notes are writings you can add to your website for your friends to read.

Select "Homepage" and learn how to use the Facebook website. From your homepage you can navigate to your profile and profiles of your friends, add new friends and get an overview of what is going on in your network.

Look at the "Privacy Settings." The last section of the tour will explains your options for protecting your privacy when you use the Facebook website. Many options will give you the ability to make sure the information you provide on your profile is only seen by the people who you want to see it.

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