How Do I Get My Tags From Shazam App to Show Up on My Shazam Web Account?

By Lauren Miller

You can preview the tagged music saved with your Shazam app on the service's website.
i Fuse/Fuse/Getty Images

Shazam is a music and TV discovery service that enables you to identify songs and shows with your iOS, Android or Windows 8 device. The service’s apps for smartphones and tablets will save the history of music and TV shows you discover as tags that contain information about what you hear, such as artist and album name. You can view these tags from within your app and online via the Shazam website.

Proper Login

In order to log in to the Shazam website and view your tags, you need to have a Facebook account. Even if you created an account in the past using an email address, you cannot use those credentials to access the service anymore. You can use the app without a Facebook account but your tags will not be saved for online viewing.

Connecting Your Device’s App to Facebook

You must have the Shazam app on your device connected to your Facebook account in order for the service to save your tags so you can view them via the Web. Navigate to the Settings section of your device to access the Facebook connection feature. To view the tags from music and TV shows you discover with your device, log in to the Shazam website and select “My Shazam” from the navigation menu. The tags are listed gallery style with cover art. You can share the tags on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The list also enables you to preview tagged music and purchase downloads of music and shows from iTunes or Amazon.