How to Tag People in Songs on SoundCloud

By Tammy Columbo

Market your music on SoundCloud with tags.
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Market your SoundCloud songs with rich descriptions and an abundance of tags. For example, you can tag each audio clip with the artist’s or band’s name, genre, names of producers, writers and others associated with the recording. Tagging enables users to easily find your music when they use the SoundCloud search feature and is available for both free and paid SoundCloud accounts. You can enter tags when you first upload an audio clip or you can go back and enter tags to songs in your Upload list. The process is the same.

Step 1

Open SoundCloud and log in with your registered email address and password.

Step 2

Click the “Upload” link in the top navigation bar to open your uploaded file list. Click the “Choose Files to Upload” to upload a new audio clip. The file navigation window opens. Navigate to and click on the audio clip and then click “Open” to upload the file. The file uploads to your SoundCloud storage space.

Step 3

Click the “Go to Your Sound" link to open the Details screen for an audio clip in the Upload list.

Step 4

Click the “Edit” icon to open the Details page in Edit mode.

Step 5

Click inside the “Tag" input box and then type the person’s name or title in the box. Press the “Enter” key. An “X" is added at the end of the tag and the tag is appended to the list of existing tags.

Step 6

Repeat typing tags and pressing the “Enter” key to assign and save additional tags.

Step 7

Click the “Save” option at the bottom of the screen to save the song settings.