How to Synchronize Your TV With a Cablevision Cable Remote

By Jason Taetsch

You can use the Cablevision remote included with your cable service to control more than just your set-top box. Synchronize your TV with the remote so you don't have to worry about fumbling with multiple controls just to turn on your TV. The remote is designed to work with TVs from a number of manufacturers and does not require any additional tools or software to be programmed.

Find your TV's manufacture in the list of codes included in the remote's manual. Record the three-digit codes for your TV.

Turn on the TV you want to program, and point the remote at the TV. Press the "TV" button, and "SEL" button at the same time until the "iO" button lights up.

Enter the first three-digit code into the remote's keypad. Your TV will turn off when the correct code is entered. Repeat the steps for each code until your TV powers off when you enter a code.

Press the "TV" button once the correct code is entered to save the code in the remote.