How to Synchronize Outlook With AOL

By Dustin Thornton

Microsoft Outlook is an email client program that allows you to access your email account directly on your computer instead of using Web-based email viewers. If you have an AOL email account that you use, you may wish to sync up the contacts, calendar, tasks or notes saved to your AOL account online with those on Outlook on your computer. AOL offers a free plugin called the Funambol Outlook Plugin that makes it easy to sync Outlook with your AOL account.

Open your Web browser and visit the AOL Sync Web page (see Resources).

Input your AOL screen name and password into the "Screen Name" and "Password" fields. Click "Sign In."

Click on the "Outlook Plugin Download Software" icon on the page to download the necessary plugin. A "Save" dialog box will appear. Select your desktop as the download destination and click "Save." Allow the computer to download the Funambol Outlook plugin.

Right-click the downloaded plugin and select "Run as Administrator." Enter your Windows account password, when prompted. The installer will appear.

Click on "Next" twice then click "Install." Allow the computer to install the Funambol Outlook plugin. Click on "Finish" once complete.

Click Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Outlook to start Outlook. The Funambol Outlook plugin will automatically launch with Outlook; a new window will appear.

Click on "Tools" and select "Options" from the Funambol Outlook plugin window. An options window will appear.

Click the "Account" tab on the left side of the options window. Input your AOL username into the "Username" field. Input the associated password into the "Password" field.

Click the "Sync" tab, on the left side of the window. Place check-marks next to the items that you want to sync between your Outlook and AOL account. You can select Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. Click "OK."

Click the "Sync All" button on the Funambol Outlook plugin window to sync Outlook with your AOL account.