How to Synchronize Hard Drives

By Charles Poole

Sync your hard drives with the Windows Sync Center.
i hard drive image by iMAGINE from

Many computer users have multiple hard drives to store their larger files and backup important data. If you want to synchronize two hard drives together, use the built-in program provided with the Windows 7 operating system. The Windows Sync Center offers you a chance to synchronize your hard drives without the need for additional software. Synchronizing your hard drive with the Windows Sync Center does not require experience in syncing.

Connect the two hard drives that you want to sync through the USB ports on your computer.

Click the "Start" button at the bottom of the computer screen and click the "All Programs" button. Click on "Accessories" and go to the "Sync Center" icon in the menu.

Click on "Set up new sync partnerships" from the menu, then go to the icon of the device from which you want to sync. This will be your primary hard drive.

Click the "Set Up" button and then click on the hard drive to which you want the data copied.

Click "Sync" at the bottom of the screen and wait for Windows 7 to copy the files to your hard drive.