How to Synch an iMac and iPad to iTunes

by David Wayne

If you have an iMac, you can sync your iPad with the iTunes software included with your computer. Synchronizing your iMac and iPad to iTunes allows you automatically to transfer calendars, files, email settings, web-browser bookmarks, music and movies from your computer to your tablet. If you've recently purchased an iPad but own an earlier model iMac, update your version of iTunes to the latest release. Your iPad was designed to synchronize with the software on your iMac computer.


Click the "iTunes" icon in your program dock to start iTunes. Click "iTunes" in the menu bar at the top of the screen and choose "Check for updates." Install the latest updates if you haven't already, or click "OK" to close the dialogue box.


Connect your iPad to your iMac with the included USB sync cable. Agree to the iPad Software License Agreement if this is your first time connecting your iPad and click "Continue."


Enter your Apple ID or, if you don't have one, click "I do not have an Apple ID." Click "Next" to register with Apple and create an ID. Fill in your personal information and click "Next."


Click the option button next to "Set up as a new iPad." Click "Continue." Name your iPad on the next screen, and click the check box next to each of your choices for syncing your iPad with your iMac. Your options are to sync songs, photos or applications -- or any combination of the three.


Click "Done." Click the "Info" tab on the next screen and check the boxes next to "Sync Address Book Contacts," "Sync iCal Calendars" and "Sync Web Bookmarks" if you want to enable those features.


Click each tab at the top of the screen to select the "Sync" check box for each category. If you would prefer to add apps, music, movies and TV shows manually, leave the "Sync" check box unchecked.


  • check Syncing iPad applications adds all the applications in your library to your device every time you connect it to your iMac. If you have an extensive collection of apps, you may want to disable this feature, as it will use up disc space and leave you with several pages of unused apps on your iPad.

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