How to Sync Audio & Video Using Any Video Converter

By Elisa Artesero

Finding a key does not require editing the Windows Registry.
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Any Video Converter is a popular piece of freeware that can be downloaded from the web. It will convert any video and audio file type into another which may be more practical for use with different software, improve quality or make a smaller file which is easier to upload to the Internet or transfer to a portable device for use on another computer.

The conversion process can sometimes throw up some synchronization problems between the audio and video which is to do with the change of file type.


Step 1

Open the Any Video Converter software from your desktop by double clicking the icon. This will open a screen to convert your files.

Step 2

From the drop-down file menu select "add video." Browse your files and select the video you want to convert. Alternatively, drag and drop the file into the software's main screen.

Step 3

Go to “Edit” on the task bar and click “Options” from the menu. Select “Video” from the tabs, the pane shows “Default Sync Factor.” Slide the cursor to increase the synchronization quality. The larger the number, the better the synchronization, however the video will take longer to convert. (See References 1). Click “ok” to close the window and apply changes.

Step 4

Select the file type you want to convert the video to from the drop down menu on the right side of the main window. Click “Convert” to start the conversion. The time it takes to convert will depend on the length of the video and its file size.

Step 5

Select the output folder icon to access your converted and synchronized file. Alternatively go to your documents folder on the computer and select the folder entitled "Any Video Converter" or the folder you may have previously set up in an option when you downloaded the software.