How to Sync a Plantronics Plt

by William Pullman

Plantronics Bluetooth headsets give users access to hands free operation of their mobile phones. The headsets are good for people who multitask and want to get other things done while on the phone. In order to use the headset with your phone, you need to sync, or pair, the devices together. Once paired, users can operate most of the phone's calling features without the need to use the buttons on the phone.


Place the headset in pairing mode by pressing the "Call" and the volume up button, marked "+," until the indicator light starts flashing red and blue.


Search for available Bluetooth devices using the phone. The instructions for searching for Bluetooth devices is found in the user guide supplied with your mobile phone. After searching, a list of available devices will appear on the screen.


Highlight the "PLT" option on the list, which represents your Plantronics headset, and confirm the pairing on your phone.


Enter "0000" with the phone's keypad when prompted for a password. The headset will blink blue if the pairing is successful. You are now ready to use the Plantronics headset with your mobile phone.

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