How to Sync Photos From an iPhone Using Windows Vista

by Calum Page

Every version of the iPhone has had a better camera than the previous one, and the iPhone 4 offers photo quality that rivals some standard cameras, a good enough quality to display the photos on your PC screen. To do this, however, you have to sync the photos from your iPhone to your PC. This process may take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on how many photos you are transferring.


Plug your iPhone into a USB port on your PC. The Windows Vista AutoPlay box pops up. If it does not automatically open, choose "Hardware and Sound" in the Control Panel, and click on your iPhone in the Devices list. Click "Take No Action," and save your changes.


Click "Import Pictures and Videos" in the AutoPlay box.


Type a name for your photos in the Tag These Pictures box if you want to. Click "Import" to start syncing photos from your iPhone to Vista.


Click on the "Recently Imported" option in the left sidebar of Windows Photo Gallery, which automatically opens when the transfer is complete, to view your photos.


  • check If you want to remove the photos from your iPhone after you have imported them, click the "Erase After Importing" check box while the photos are being imported.

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