How to Sync My Phone to Gmail

By Tony Myles

Cellphones typically have an email messaging application.
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Gmail is a free webmail service you can set up to sync with your mobile device. Most cellphone providers offer a service you can use to receive Gmail on your phone, and others additionally provide the ability to sync your cellphone message inbox with your Gmail inbox. Download the necessary application to your phone or utilize POP features to begin syncing, and activate a data plan that will allow you to effectively send and receive email messages.

Use a computer to create a Gmail account if you don't currently have one.

Access the email feature on your cellphone or smartphone, usually found on your main menu under "Messaging" or "Email." Download any necessary mobile email application, such as a general email program or one specifically designated for Gmail. Choose a data plan that reflects your estimates usage, and accept the monthly access fee for the feature.

Activate an automatic sync to Gmail if your email application and mobile device allow for it, such as a Verizon Wireless iPhone or Android smartphone. Tap "Mail" and "Gmail" on the iPhone, or initiate a sync through a Droid phone by accessing "My Accounts," choosing "Add Accounts" and selecting the Gmail icon. Follow the prompts to log into your Gmail account.

Use an email POP (Post Office Protocol) application as an alternative to Gmail applications on your phone. Sync with your Gmail account by filling in the Host Name field under Incoming Mail Server as and under Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP). Enter your name, full email address and password to begin syncing Gmail emails directly into your mobile device.

Send a test email to your Gmail account, and verify that it syncs with your phone.