How to Sync an Outlook Calendar With Windows Live

By Trisha Bartle

Although Microsoft Outlook comes with full calendar support, you can only access your appointments on the original computer that has the email software installed. As you travel and use other computers, use Windows Live Calendar for access to your schedule wherever you go. Synchronize Microsoft Outlook with your Windows Live Calendar so you can view and alter your appointments within Outlook. As you add a new appointment to the Windows Live Calendar in Outlook, that information is sent to the online version of the Windows Live Calendar, giving you access wherever you go.

Step 1

Download the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector (see "Resources.") Save the setup file at a memorable place on your computer, such as the desktop. Once the file is downloaded, double-click it to start the installation process.

Step 2

Add your Windows Live account information during the software installation. Enter your Windows Live ID, your name and the account password. Follow the on-screen directions, then click the "Finish" button when the installation is complete.

Step 3

Start Microsoft Outlook from your computer's "Start" menu. If you already had Outlook open, close and restart the program after installing the connector software.

Step 4

Click the "Calendar" icon from the task pane on the left side of the screen. From the calendar section, activate the checkbox next to the Windows Live Calendar you want to show. The calendar will display alongside the other calendars you use in Microsoft Outlook.