How to Sync From Windows Media Player to iPod Shuffle

By Matthew Fortuna

The music from an iPod can be added from Windows Media Player.
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While Windows Media Player is used by millions around the world as the standard player on Windows systems, and the iPod is one of the most popular MP3 players, the two are not directly compatible. You can still, however, add and sync your entire Windows Media library to your iPod Shuffle from your computer in just minutes. Adding music from Windows is as easy as transferring the files to iTunes and syncing the customized library from there.

Connect your iPod Shuffle to your computer using the Apple USB cable and wait for iTunes to load automatically onto your desktop.

Launch the Windows Media Player program on your desktop and click the "Library" tab to access your list of songs.

Highlight the songs in your Windows Media library that you would like to sync to your iPod by clicking on them.

Drag and drop your Windows Media Player songs that you just highlighted onto your iTunes main page library, which is the home page once you open the program.

Click on "iPod" from the left side of the iTunes menu and select "Music" on the main iPod page.

Select "Sync" on the Music page and allow a few minutes for your Windows Media Player songs to sync to your iPod Shuffle. Disconnect the device from your computer once the iTunes display reads "OK to disconnect."