How to Sync a MacBook Pro With an iPad

By Andrew Mikael

All iPad models use iTunes to communicate with computer systems.
i Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Like other portable Apple devices, the iPad syncs to computer systems to transfer media to the tablet. Since Apple's iTunes syncing software comes pre-installed on MacBook Pro systems, the iPad can synchronize with the laptop without additional installation or configuration. IPad syncing only transfers data in one direction, matching the iPad's storage to the MacBook's media libraries.

Step 1

Connect the iPad and the MacBook Pro using the USB cable included with the tablet. If the MacBook has a compatible version of iTunes installed, it opens automatically. If it has an older version of iTunes, update it by clicking the "Help" menu and selecting "Check for Updates."

Step 2

Click the "Continue" button when the iPad welcome screen appears. This first-time setup sets your syncing preferences for use during future connections. Read the software license agreement and click "Continue" again.

Step 3

Enter your Apple ID and associated password in the provided boxes. This links your iTunes account to the iPad, and allows you to transfer purchased media and make new purchases directly on the device. To create a new Apple ID, click the "I do not have an Apple ID" radio button to set one up. Click "Continue."

Step 4

Leave the "Set up as new iPad" radio button selected and click on "Continue." Enter a title for the iPad in the "Name" box and check the boxes below to automatically sync songs, photos and applications as desired. If you do not choose to sync information automatically, you can still manually add that type of media to the iPad. Click "Done" to exit setup.

Step 5

Wait for the first sync process to finish. This may take some time depending on the size of your media library. If you did not choose any automatic syncing options or left some media types unsynchronized, you can add specific items to the device by dragging files from the iTunes library over the iPad's icon in the left frame.

Step 6

Click "Eject" when finished and disconnect the iPad from the MacBook Pro. The device syncs again when reconnected.