How to Sync an LG Cell Phone With Your PC

by Jeff Grundy
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In today's fast-paced world, people are the go more than ever before. To help them stay connected, many people use cell phones and computers to place and receive calls while on the road or communicate with those far away via chat or email. If you have an LG phone, you may create contact or schedule information on it that differs from that on your computer. Using some free software, though, you can sync your LG phone with your PC and keep contacts and calendar information up to date on both devices. Synchronizing the two devices also is also a quick and easy way to save backups of important messages on your LG phone just in case you need to reference them later.

Step 1

Open your Web browser and navigate to the LG Mobile Phone Support website (link in Resources.) Type your phone model number in the search box and press "Enter" or click the model number in the "Model Name" drop-down list. The Web page updates and displays links to download "PC Sync" for your phone.

Step 2

Click the "PC Sync" link and download the LG PC Suite setup file to your computer. The LG PC Suite application download is more than 100MB. Therefore, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the download may take several minutes or close to an hour. Close your Web browser or minimize it to the Windows taskbar after downloading and saving the LG PC Suite setup file.

Step 3

Click Start, then "Computer" to open Windows Explorer. Browse to the folder where you saved the LG PC Suite setup file. Double-click the file to launch the setup wizard, then select your preferred language. Follow the remaining prompts to install LG PC Suite on your computer. In the final window, enable the "Run LG PC Suite Now" option, then click "Finish." The LG PC Suite program opens in a new application window.

Step 4

Connect the data cable to your LG phone and an empty USB port on the computer. Wait a few seconds for Windows to detect the phone and install the appropriate driver from the driver database installed by the LG PC Suite program. After a few seconds, the connection monitor window in the LG PC Suite program updates and changes from "No Connected Phone Found" to the "LG PC Suite" followed by the model number of your LG phone.

Step 5

Click the "Synchronize" button in the LG PC Suite program window, then wait a few seconds for the application to retrieve contacts, calendar and memo data from the phone and import it. The LG PC Suite application displays a confirmation window after importing data from the phone successfully. Click the "OK" button to close the confirmation window.

Click the "Manage Contacts" icon in the LG PC Suite application to view contacts, calendar information and memos imported from your LG cell phone.


  • You can also use the LG PC Suite program to transfer music, pictures and videos to and from your phone. After connecting the phone to your computer, click the "Transfer Files" button in LG PC Suite and then drag and drop files from your computer to the phone's memory card or vice versa.
  • With many LG Phones, you can back up contacts to Google Gmail if you have an active Internet connection. To do this, go to the Homescreen, then press or tap "Menu | Settings | Data Synchronization | Auto-Sync." Ensure you have a Gmail account and log in from the phone before using this option to sync your contacts.


  • Charge your LG phone battery fully before syncing data with a PC. The sync process uses a lot of power and may drain a battery not fully charged. If the battery dies during the transfer process, the interruption could corrupt data on both your computer and the phone. Alternatively, if the power adapter does not connect to the same port on the phone as the USB data cable, connect the AC charger to the phone and leave it connected while synchronizing the data.

Items you will need

  • USB data cable for your LG phone
  • Charger cable for your phone

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