How to Sync an iPod With Windows Media Player

by Andrew Smith

An iPod isn't meant to sync with Windows Media Player, but you don't have to let that fact stop you from using your iPod with Windows Media Player. By downloading and installing the MGTEK dopisp, you can permanently sync an iPod with Windows Media Player.

Step 1

Download the MGTEK dopisp program.

Step 2

Open the MGTEK dopisp installation.

Step 3

Plug your iPod into your computer when requested to do so during the installation. If iTunes opens, shut it down before you continue installing MGTEK dopisp. After you have done this, click the "Retry" tab. Then, click "Next." Accept the terms of agreement and then choose the "Evaluation Version" to complete the installation.

Step 4

Open Windows Media Player. A pop-up box from MGTEK dopisp will appear on the screen. When you finish reading the message, click "Trial."

Click the "Sync" tab. Once you do, you'll see the name of your iPod in Windows Media Player. You will then be able to use Windows Media Player to add music to your iPod.


  • MGTEK dopisp is only free to use for 30 days. After the trial period, you must buy the program in order to continue using it.

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